Jason L'Abbé

​I have enjoyed making pottery for over 40 years, and worked with various clay bodies and glazes.  Ash glazes have been my focus for the last couple years, and after lots of glaze testing I have workable ash glazes that produce great results in an oxidation environment.  Other ideas are spinning around in my head and I hope to get back in the studio soon and try them out, so keep posted.  

Where to find my pottery?

  • My showroom, L'Abbe Pottery, Waterloo, Ontario
  • Johnathon, London, Ontario 
  • The Canadian Clay and Glass Museum, Waterloo, Ontario

My Journey

  • ​L'Abbé Pottery, Waterloo, Ontario - Own and operate my pottery studio and showroom.  My pottery consists of porcelain and stoneware fired to Cone 9-10 oxidation. Forms are created using a combination of wheel thrown and hand built shapes, and glazed with multiple layers consisting of ash and other base glazes.
  • Waterloo Potter's Workshop - Part-time instructor and conducted workshops on various throwing techniques.
  • Studio 405, Ile de Chenes, Manitoba – owned and operated my studio where my production was mainly functional pottery, fired at cone 9 reduction.  I formulated glazes and clay bodies for cone 9 reduction.
  • Home Studio in Calgary, Alberta – Functional pottery, designed and built fiber kiln, slab roller, and other pottery equipment.
  • Studio Potter, Ceramic Arts, Calgary, Alberta – honed my functional pottery skills as an apprentice potter, and assisted in building a reduction car kiln, and other equipment. 
  • Ceramic Instructor and Technician for Georgian College Summer School of the Arts, Barrie, Ontario

The pottery seeds were planted while studying at

  • Georgian College of Applied Arts and Technology, Design and Material Arts program,  Barrie, Ontario
  • Central Technical Institute, Ceramic Arts Program, Toronto, Ontario